Water Damage Services Van Nuys

Two of the worst things homeowners face is flooding and the damages that occur as a result. When floodwater enters homes one of the first things to do is arrange for water removal, especially in carpeting. If in need of Water Damage Services Van Nuys residents will find our professional technicians to be perfect for the job.

Over the past fifteen years we have been perfecting the art of restoring water soaked carpeting to its original state. When water saturates carpeting, it also saturates carpet padding and can sink into floor boards and the framework. Additionally, wood can become warped and need replacing.

If water is not extracted as soon as possible, these surfaces can start to develop toxic mold and mildew. We are a family owned carpet cleaning business that specializes in water damage extraction. Our stellar reputation can be verified by our high rating with the BB. Contact us for immediate service that helps to prevent costly damages.